What Happens When Your Yoni Egg Gets Stuck?

Many women do not know the jade egg and its many positive qualities, which is a pity. The jade egg has many healing and strengthening qualities, physical as mental. One of the physical benefits is that it solves and increases the sensitivity of your skin. Psychologically, it helps you to get in touch with your feminine sexuality.

The use of jade eggs goes back thousands of years in time and has its roots in China. In the Taoist philosophy, it was believed that different rocks have different energies. Jade had a healing effect on the woman’s vagina and was therefore used to train the muscles of the abdomen, and to get in touch with her inner feminine wisdom.

Unfortunately, many are uncertain about how the jade egg is actually used, and some believe it is difficult and complicated. It really is not, and there is no reason why you should not take the step and enjoy its many benefits.

The jade egg increases the flexibility and sensitivity of your vagina, which makes you feel more intercourse while increasing your chances of achieving wear and tear. It is also particularly useful for relieving and preventing tension and myosions in the abdomen. The eggs gently massage the muscles of the wearer and make you less stressed. After exercising with the egg for a while, you will notice that your vagina feels more relaxed and more susceptible during sexual intercourse, and in that way you get an even richer and more enjoyable sex life. In order for you to get started and get the most out of the jade egg we’ve done a step-by-step guide.

Steps 1 – Sterilization and cleaning of the jade egg:

Boil the jade egg for 10 minutes and let it cool, then the egg is disinfected and ready for use. You only need to cook it again if you have lost it in the floor, in the toilet, or if someone else has touched it.

Step 2 – Attach a string to the egg:

It is a good idea to attach a string to the egg so that you can get it easier after use. You can use a piece of dental floss without wax or taste. The dental floss should have the same length as the size of your elbow to your wrist, approximately. Thread one end of the thread throughout the egg, just like when you thread a sewing thread through a needle, then make a knot at both ends. Remember that you will always change the dental floss after use. Once you have become safe with the egg you can slowly start using it without dental floss.

Step 3 – How to insert the egg:

Find a place where you can relax and be relaxed, for example in your bedroom. The first step is called “sipping”, Find a place where you can relax and be relaxed, for example. in your bedroom. The first step is called “sipping”, which is when the egg is to be brought up. Lay your back with bent legs. Apply any. A little slip on the egg and grab the widest place. Then place the egg at your inner lips. Let your free hand rest on your heart and be aware of your breathing. Make small, slow circular movements with the egg around your vaginal opening while focusing on how it feels. Try to find the perfect angle where you think the egg will be easy to enter. Once you’ve found the angle, rest for a moment, and turn your attention back to your heart and breath. Breathe slowly and start pulsing / pinch with your vaginal opening (sipper), as if you are trying to pull or suck the egg.

It may be useful to make small “swung” movements with the pelvis. As you exhale, you can imagine how your vagina opens and forms a form of vacuum that helps to suck the egg. Your vagina will now wake up in a whole new way.

Note: When performing sipping, you may feel that the egg “jumps out”. The egg will only move inwards when you relax and breathe out, so be aware of keeping the egg in place. Once the egg is in, you rest, and again focus on your heart and your breath. Are you scared by thinking can a yoni egg get stuck? The answer will be no. Just follow the using and removing guidelines.

Step 4 – How to use the egg:

Once the egg is up, you can choose to either walk around with it as long as you (and the egg) know it or you can choose to do some of the following exercises. If you choose to go around with the egg for the rest of the day or if you sleep with it, remember to clean it  when you have it removed or if it has fallen out.

Step 5 – Exercise: Exercise and agility:

Lay your back with bent legs, feet in hip width and arms alongside the side. Breathe in while lifting the pelvis as high as you can. When breathing out, slowly roll down on the back – kota for kota – relax and “open” your pelvic floor.

Allow yourself to make sounds like “mmmmmmh”, “ooooooh” or “aaahhhh” while breathing out. The sound will help you open your throat and thus get your vagina to relax and open. Repeat the exercise 3-9 times.

Step 6 – Exercise: Continence and Enjoyment:

This exercise is usually called the windshield wiper , as you will touch your feet in the same way as the windshield wipers on a car. Put on your back with extended legs in the hip width and flex your feet as much as you can. Move your feet inwards, so that your big years touch each other. Then you move your feet away from each other, as much as you can, while flexing and keeping your legs stretched.

It is important that you carry the movements slowly with your feet. Pay attention to the front of your pelvis, as well as your back, and notice which parts you activate when performing the exercise. You can repeat the exercise as many times as you know. Visit yonieggs.co for more details.

Put your legs together so close that your ankles touch each other. Bend one foot towards you as you stretch out the ankle on the other. For increased sensitivity, you can place your fingertips on your scalp, and imagine how your vagina moves in the same way internally. While slowly changing position on your feet (stretching the bent and vice versa), notice how one side of your vagina stretches, and how the other side is shortened. The slower you make the movement, the more effective the exercise becomes. You can do the exercise as many times as you know.

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