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    8 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books Sexier Than Fifty Shades

    Fifty Shades of Grey opened and many audiences got dismayed about the mistakes of the book in depicting an unrealistic, unhealthy BDSM relationship. But it doesn’t have to be this way—after all, sci-fi and fantasy authors have written believable power exchanges and sexual agency into their books and comics for decades. Instead of headdesking over Christian and Ana once again, pick up these books by Samuel R. Delany, Octavia E. Butler, Matt Fraction, and more. For Real Sex Ed: Magic University Series by Cecilia Tan Tan has long been one of the foremost voices in writing and publishing erotic sci-fi and fantasy. Her work mixes BDSM culture with magic and…

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    Inside the Craziest Sci-Fi Sex Flick

    The year is 1977. An urgent transmission from home crosses the comms onboard a spaceship patrolling the cosmos. Back on Earth, a horrifying epidemic is spreading. People everywhere are turning on one another: Strangers, neighbors, dentists, bodybuilders, businesswomen—they’ve all been overtaken by an insatiable, unexplainable, sexy, sexy, desire to bone and the fate of all of humanity hangs in the balance. Cut together from dozens of vintage 1970s-1990s boom-chicka-wow-wow porn pulled from the archives of French broadcaster Canal+, the insane sci-fi XXX film In Search of The Ultra-Sex tells a shockingly cohesive science fiction narrative filled with disco robots, spaceship battles, roller skating sex, laser vaginas, and Power Rangers-esque warrioresses…

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    Porn – Is it addiction or beneficial?

    Nowadays, millions of people are regularly watching porn on the internet. Millions of websites are available on the internet that is offering one of the best porn videos. Whether you are looking sci-fi or mature girl’s videos, you must look out best porn videos. If you are watching porn with your partner, then it is improving bonding with partners. However, porn can be addictive sometimes, so you must watch porn once or twice in the month. Make sure that you are watching the porn in the incognito mode. After that, you can watch porn without sharing history with someone else. No doubt, sex has become an integral part of the…